A City for All Seasons

A city on a grid, where laneways meet

With cafes everywhere, coffee on every street

It’s more than a drink, it’s what makes us complete

Whether you have it alone, or with something to eat

melb 4 ways

A city with art, we are always on show

With museums, galleries and theatres aglow

A feast for the senses, where you just never know

Which treats await, where the pace is anything but slow

melb pride

A city with sport, a never-ending feast to see

With an amazing array, it’s the place to be

No matter which side you choose, you have to agree

It’s a part of life here that’s anything but carefree


A city with parks, where the havens are green

You can sit, stroll, jog, or anything in between

An evolving delight of new sights to be seen

Just remember though, you’ll need that sunscreen

melb rainbow

A city with all seasons, whether the sky is blue or grey

It can be too hot or too cold, just know that it won’t stay

A change will occur just as quick as you can say

Hey, how about that crazy weather we had the other day?

melb rain

A city with trams, they help us get around

They come in various forms, all with that distinctive sound

It’s just another way where opportunities abound

To explore the next big thing waiting to be found

melb sunrise

melb state lib

A city with history, but not all of it is told

Where Aboriginal peoples once freely lived, before they were controlled

The Birrarung was theirs until we took hold

But their stories will live on, for they will never get old

melb koorie history

A city with just about anything, that I have come to adore

Where opportunity awaits, once you open that door

An energy, a pulse, that is at its very core

Melbourne is a place to thrive, like never before

melb sunset

All images are my own, from the last few years.


A New Year Ode


The years, they come and they seemingly go,
Where that is, we don’t quite know.
As 2015 comes to its inevitable conclusion,
Let there be absolutely no illusion,
That it’s time to wish this year goodbye,
And look forward to the new things that you can try.
One thing is always true for ever more,
Don’t wait to knock, just open that door.
Do all of the things that will make you see,
Just how happy you can truly be,
When you do what it is that you want to do,
Not what others have in store for you.
Let go of what you no longer need,
Try each day to plant that seed.
Be you, be true, love and really live,
And whenever you can, remember to give.
Who knows what the new year will offer and bring,
But it’s surely time to let the next chapter begin!